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Who is Dayani Cristal?

I’m really happy to hear that a project I’m involved with (Who is Dayani Cristal?) has been awarded the Cinematography award at the Sundance Film festival.

It’s a great documentary and we’re rolling out the companion content in stages to support the film and the greater aims of the wider project. LOTS more to come.

I also recently did a new site for Marc Silver (Director + long time collaborator)

Heath life

Check out my latest responsive site: Heathlife

I worked with long time clients yeastculture to design and build the whole project: A community hub for everyone who loves Hampstead Heath to share their photos, sound, movies and take part in workshops.

My favourite bit is the Memories audio scrapbook - Wonderful stories from the extraordinary people of London.

Go and check it out

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uc48 design is the design practice of Tim Harbour who designs and builds quality websites from his studio in Hebden Bridge in the wilds of the North.



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