uc48 is the design practise of Tim Harbour.
I specialise in UI/digital product design and front-end development.

I have nearly 20 years experience working with people across the world to design and develop all sorts of digital products from my “micro studio” in the beautiful Pennines.

I also co-organise the Wuthering Bytes Technology Festival (now in it's 6th year).

My approach to designing interactive products is focused on making them easy to use.
I am successful when complicated things seem effortless and fun.

I'm an expert in modern responsive and modular web technologies and the ways that real people use them. I love working in teams and I like to work in an Agile way either as part of your in-house team or as an independent consultant.

I believe in the value of thoughtfulness, craft, standards and doing difficult things for the right reasons.

One of my long-standing clients once said that I’m a “pleasingly hardcore” designer and I think that sounds about right.


I'm a design professional, so it's at the core of what I do to always have my clients success & best interests at heart.

I will stick to my guns to make your product better designed and more successful.

If you're looking for someone you can trust to provide you with expertise, who’s going to be honest with you so you can get the best results — then we'll do great things.

As part of my ethical work policy I don't take on work for the following sectors:
Defence/weapons manufacture, natural resource extraction, Cryptocurrency, adult. Any exploitative, harmful or unethical products or data harvesting.